The Limited First Edition

My father loved Burma.

He loved his house there – the people he knew there – the language – everything about the country. Having visited multiple times over the last five years, I too have learned to love the country. Whether it’s walking the night market in Yangon, going upriver to Mrauk U, or being mistaken for a ghost in Chin State, which is still my friend Charlotte’s favorite story of all, there is a beauty and magic to the country.

So when the time came to actually publish “Floating,” I made the decision to launch the publication process with a limited first edition of 999 copies. (9 being a very lucky number in Burma.) The 999 copies will all be hand-numbered and signed by yours truly and each one will be delivered wrapped in a beautiful fabric wrapping that is being handmade by Hla Day. 

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-10-17-14-amThe book has been beautifully designed and produced by Sunra Thompson of McSweeney’s fame in San Francisco. Sunra has been wonderfully kind and patient as he has led me through the process, as have all the people who have assisted me on the journey.

The limited first edition will be released on March 17, 2017 at an evening event at Pansuriya in Yangon. If you can’t be there to pick up your copy, they will be shipped in early April to you.

The limited first edition is $75 each because each one will benefit one of three Burmese nonprofits of your choice. I decided to do this really out of respect for my father’s love of Burma and out of appreciation for all the help that I received on my journey.

In this link, you simply choose one of the three groups and they will receive $25 for each copy purchased in their name. Or we can split the donation for you – or we can decide for you (which we will use those funds to balance out the contributions.)

So what are the three groups?

First is Girl Determined – a remarkable group created by my friend Brooke Zobrist that helps teach and protect young women across the country – especially where they are in the most danger. More on Brooke and Girl Determined here in The Guardian.

Second is the MyMe Project created by Tim Hardy. Tim returned to his native Burma in 2012 and set out to conquer the business world there. He realized, however, that thousands of young Burmese boys were essentially slaves to tea shops and would never get an education. So he bought an old bus, turned into a mobile school room and how his teachers teach over 3,500 kids who otherwise wouldn’t get an education at all.

Finally, there is Hla Day. Hla Day is a remarkable organization that helps more than forty local producers in Myanmar to market with their products – they provide design help, business help and a market for women especially to be able to receive a fair price for their work.

So there are two options actually. First is click here and purchase the limited first edition for $75 and direct $25 to one of the three above.

The second option is to purchase the premium edition of the book and choose a number between 10 and 50 (Numbers are first come, first choose, no duplicates obviously). So these are the very first ones to be signed and the lowest numbers I am releasing. These books are $250 each but for every one purchased, each group will get $50.

Thank you to everyone for your support. Let the party begin.