About Floating

Floating: What I Found When I Went Looking For My Father started, of course, with my father’s death in 1984 when he was 62 years old – at the time, I was a sophomore at Duke University and my mother and I really – to be honest – just kind of tried and survive that time and didn’t really look back. Or into what had happened to me.

When my mother then died in 2011, I did start to look more into what had happened to my father – and also thanks to a timely meal in Cape Town, South Africa with my dear friends Tamsin Smith and Tina Lutz, I decided to head out on the journey.

I wrote as I went – all the older posts on this blog were written as I traveled – and then I went through the long process of turning it into a readable book – and then having that book published as I wanted it to be.

In March 2017, the limited edition hardcover will be released – it will be an edition of 999 signed and numbered copies – each copy will be $75 with $25 going towards one of thre nonprofits in Burma – with the buyer making the choice.

To learn more about the Limited First Edition and the nonprofits, please click here.

5 thoughts on “About Floating

  1. Amazing journey, my friend. I hope you find what you are looking for, and learn something new to share with those who love you. Peace!

  2. You are amazing. I am sure your father is incredibly proud of you and thankful for continuing his pilgrimage. Your letter to Senator Cleland was . . . beautiful. Sorry I don’t have the adjectives to describe how it made me feel. Be safe.

  3. James.Its an interesting and worthwhile journey.Its giving me an idea about doing the same thing about my father.He grew up in eastern Turkey(Historic Armenia).He survived the Armenian genocide and settled in Paris in 1920’s. with my grand mother and his brothers.
    I may therefore visit eastern turkey .to try to see and understand his world.

  4. Hi James – I’m a cyclist about to move to Myanmar – could I chat with you about cycling in Yangon? My email was used to register for the reply..

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