Thank You…..Everyone.

Everything everyone has ever told you about books is true. They take forever – there is no money in them anymore – they are a labor of love, but if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a small to decent size city to create a book.

The image of the lone author typing away is only accurate in the very first part of the story. After that, phew, the world joins forces to help you. So I wanted to do a quick thank you – and then also share with everyone the plan for 2017 – because I’ll need the city behind this as well.

I went back to Burma a few months ago , Charlotte O’Sullivan is my shining light, now helping with everything from the Burmese translation to where to have the dinner for the launch party.

The launch is officially March 17, 2017 in Yangon, Burma and if you have ever been looking for an excuse to come see Burma, where here it is. (But before I go on…..)

Leigh Cadena at HUUUG has stepped in to support Floating and the book launch and has been a godsend – she has been an angel especially considering she seemingly has accidentally parked under a huge black cloud lately – I am hoping for a great 2017 and more importantly a better one for Leigh.

The launch party is actually March 14, 2017 – March 17,2017 thanks to Leigh’s support – the limited edition hardcover of 999 copies, hat tip here to Pat Hanlon who bought ten copies already and then wants me to make sure to use that with everyone for my benefit and leverage, this edition is being sold to benefit three Burmese organizations, Girl Determined, MyMe Project and Hla Day.

In the days leading up to the event, in addition to some great sightseeing and events, we will be visiting these three nonprofits, and learning more about how they are helping this country in epic transition.

On the 17th, there is the launch party in downtown Yangon – Charlotte, angel alert again, is helping me nail down the venue as I type and then that will be announced. But there will be food and drink and friends from around the world.

After that, the book slowly rolls out. My friend Gisele is helping me in South Africa with hopefully a great project there. Frank Reidy is stepping in and up in Ireland (and the book will hopefully be translated into Irish.) In Germany, Elmar and Sarah are hard at work and Tina Lutz is trying to get the local authorities to change school break so she can be at the party.

And — well, the limited edition hardcover is available for pre-order. This will be a limited  run of 999 copies, with each one signed by yours truly and hand- numbered. They will ship in March but I am hoping to have some orders before I go over then so that each of the groups can receive some funding.


For each book, you, the purchaser, gets to choose which group will receive $25. You can also choose to have the $25 split between the three groups, or, you can let us choose (which we will do in the fairest way to the three groups to even out the donations.)

Thank you again everyone- it did take a village to get this book done, but I had a pretty good village with me and I appreciate that so much.

And if you’re near Yangon on March 17th, let me know. I’ll save a seat for you at the party.

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