Thanksgiving In Bangkok

So, this post is, not surprising, a post of thanks but to one specific group and person who is helping bring “Floating” to life and also in the process, hopefully, raise a fair amount of money for some really remarkable nonprofits in Burma.

Leigh Cadena, of HUUUG, is graciously supporting the launch of “Floating” in Burma – the launch party is March 17, 2017 – location to be finalized.

What Leigh and I are doing, thanks to her, is really personally very exciting to me.

First, thanks to Sunra Thompson and everyone at McSweeney’s, I love the book cover and the limited first edition hardcover is simply a work of art (if I do say so myself.)

The number 9 is very lucky in Burma, so we are printing 999 copies and Hla Day is creating a special fabric pouch, bag, box – I get to see those on Sunday in Yangon.

Then, the fun starts.

The first editions are all hand-numbered and signed by me, and will sell for $75 – with $25 from each and every one being donated to one of a small number of Burmese nonprofits.

This trip is to finalize the list, but right at the top and a guaranteed recipient is Girl Determined which was started by my friend Brooke Zobrist. Southeast Asia is not, to say the least, the best place to be a young woman and Brooke is working so hard, and well, in preventing sex trafficking and more from coming to Burma as it has so horribly in Thailand and Cambodia.

The launch party, and all accompanying press in Burma, will be designed to draw attention to and sell the book but also to bring positive publicity to the nonprofits we partner with.

So thank you Leigh – it sounds cliche, but I truly couldn’t do this without you.



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