What Does My Fortune Say, Old Man, What Does My Fortune Say.

I see the men and the women come in, old man, I see them sit by you. I watch as they lift the small books in your bowl and lay their money down too, does this make them wise old man, or does this make them fools?

They sit quietly cross-legged or with their feet to the side, they place the book on their head so they can drop the piece of wood in to choose, and then they hand the book to you.

What does my fortune say old man, what does my fortune say.

Will this journey work out for me? Will I find my father in the halls of the hotels he wandered and stayed? At the bar of the Foreign Correspondents Club here in Phnom Penh where he drank and smoked and laughed and strayed? It’s hot and steamy here, and I just want to know, have no fear, I am willing to pay my way,

What does my fortune say.

Will I find everything else I am looking for? On these streets, in these treks, as I walk and wake and sleep and meet and wander and ponder? Will I still be floating at the end of the path or will I find solid ground one day?

What does my fortune say.

Will I see the house my father loved? Will I connect with those back home? Will the book become clearer to me? Is there peace out there for me? Will love come back my way?

Old man, you see, I wonder, I need to know, what does my fortune say.

The King died, as you well know, that’s what your paper says, the Buddhas watch, the fans blow, the incense burns and Kings, even Kings die, you know. The book has many pages but only one ending doesn’t it old man, is that what you tell people when they pay?  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, try as you try, do what you must, but in the end old man, I know the last line of that book, I know what the fortune, everyone’s fortune says,

and all that matters, all we can control, is what we see and feel and whom we love along the way

Is that what my fortune says?

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