Vietnam: Two weeks. Five pictures.

Tonight is my last night in Vietnam so I assembled five of my favorite pictures. They made me realize that who you are on the journey with might be the most important thing of all.

Here are five pictures from my time here and what they meant to me.

The Ford Family from New Zealand, led by Erin and Sarah, were my companions both in Halong Bay and in Sapa, where we trekked together. The girls were troopers, but couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph every water buffalo, duck or pig. We didn’t miss one. They were a joy to share the journey with as were their parents.


“Hello how are you?”

“I am good, how are you?” A fit of laughter, followed by them sprinting away and then coming back slowly.

“We are best friend forever.”

“It’s good to have a best friend forever.” They thought about this a second.

“Yes very good.”

From Hue Vietnam, they were finished school for the day and while waiting to get picked up, were bravely talking to the American.

He was working the parking lot at the lake in Hanoi, and as he saw me about to take his picture, his face was very stern. But I smiled and asked permission and he smiled away.

In Hoi An, there was this store with a great reed bag that said “Say No To Plastic Bag” – this Vietnamese nun on a tour group, hence the baseball cap, walked by and seemed to be studying it.

The H’Moung women near Sapa were fascinating. Many had marks from cupping on their foreheads and while hiking we realized, somehow, they all had absolutely perfectly white and, well, just perfect teeth.

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